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Make money with iHerb Rewards program

Use our code, EVO218 on your first purchase and save $5 on your order. You will be given your own code which you can share with others.  Then, those using your code will save $5 on their first purchase, and you will make 4% commission on their purchases. Here, let explain it. This is an excerpt from

Welcome to iHerb Rewards!
If you are an iHerb customer, let your friends & family know about the great value iHerb offers and instantly save them $5 on their first iHerb order. In the long-term, you can save your contacts hundreds of dollars on their natural product needs, while earning valuable credits on your own account! 
How? Simply give them your six-digit coupon code, and they will save $5 on their first iHerb order.

What are the potential rewards?
As of April 2012 
Our top 20 rewards participants earned the following - in one month alone!

1) $7,540 2) $4,190 3) $3,425 4) $2,989 5) $2,747 6) $2,218 7) $1,968 8) $1,653 9) $1,335 10) $1,213 11) $1,123 12) $1,062 13) $1,061 14) $980 15) $966 16) $953 17) $903 18) $696 19) $658 20) $622

-Hundreds of our customers are getting their iHerb purchases free of charge.
--Thousands of customers are enjoying extra savings on their iHerb purchases.

Save an extra $200 to $600 or more per year – with iHerb Rewards!

A "win-win" deal for all of us!
- Your friends & family will be introduced to one of the best overall values for natural products, with the potential to save hundreds of dollars per year.*
- You will earn ongoing iHerb rewards whenever your referrals shop at, saving even more on your iHerb purchases.
- We will pass our marketing dollars on to you and your friends, and in return, iHerb will receive a better ROI (Return On Investment) from your word-of-mouth advertising.

How the Program Works

The key 
- As an iHerb customer, the email address associated with your iHerb account or your designated coupon code (you can easily find it by logging into your iHerb account, and clicking on "iHerb Rewards") is your key to earning rewards when you refer friends & family who place their first time orders with*
- Simply ask them to enter your email address or your code during checkout at and they'll receive an instant $ off their first order (depending on order amount).*
- Your email address is easy for them to remember and great way for referring people who may already know it.
- On those occasions where you want to keep your email address private, simply use your own unique 6 digit coupon code (available inside your iHerb account).

They Save -- You Earn 4%!
- First time customers who shop at and enter your email address or your 6 digit coupon code during checkout will receive an instant $5 off on their 1st iHerb order.
- And you'll be rewarded 4% commission on the subtotal of both their initial order and any additional orders they place over the next 365 days.

The Buck Doesn't Stop Here
- After their first purchase, your referrals can then pass their email address or coupon code along to their friends & family — just like you did.
- Your reward is now 3% on any of these 2nd generation sales. 3rd generation sales are rewarded the same way at 2% and 4th generation sales at 1%.

Now with "Endless Rewards"
- After each of your referrals first year, you will continue earning rewards at 1% on every one of their iHerb purchases across 4 levels — For the life of the program!
- As you can see, your rewards can add up for years to come from just one referral.

Now, imagine having 10, 20, or even 100 1st generation referrals!

Rewards appear in your iHerb account. You may use them just like cash to purchase online at Or, if by the end of the calendar month you've reached an amount totaling $300 or more, we'll automatically send you a "cash back" rewards check.

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