Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weleda, Birch Cellulite Oil

I was really excited to try  Weleda, Birch Cellulite Oil! I’ve heard so many good things.

I’ve used the oil one a day for 30 days now, applying it to my upper thighs and bum, and doing a deep tissue anti-cellulite massage at the same time. I'm not sure if it's helped my skin dramatically. I think it has helped a bit,  moisturizes very well but did nothing for cellulite. My upper thighs and bum are an area I often forget to moisturise, so I can definitely see a difference in the condition of my skin.

I don't think they absorb very well.  The product doesn’t leave the skin too oily especially if you massage it in really well!

I love the scent and that it's made from all natural ingredients. It has a really fresh citrus scent that is slightly herbal. 

Weleda, Birch Cellulite Oil costs $20.74 for 100ml online at:


  1. shame it didn't actually make a difference on cellulite. Nice post.

  2. great blog! i'm following! hope you do too! xoxo