Wednesday, April 4, 2012

iherb shower gels

I have worked with iHerb  previously, and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with the results and my shopping experience. What is iherb you ask? Online reseller that carries close to 25,000 natural products, including vitamins, herbal supplements, skincare products, grocery items and more. They offer a lot of products suited for the healthy life style, such as vitamins and herbal supplements (vegan, vegetarian, raw and even gluten free), cosmetics and personal care items that are organic and/or cruelty-free, eco-friendly products along with a kid's section  for healthy child products. But the part that was most attractive to me? Their Bath & Beauty category.
So what can you buy with $50? Umm a LOT! I decided to go with one basic theme for my haul. What do I need the most of? What am I constantly running out of in my bathroom? Shower gel! So I thought I would shop around iherb and try out some of their all natural shower and bath washes. As a new iherb Customer, I was able to use a Coupon Code, EVO218, which is $10 of my first order. So instead of only getting to spend $50, I received $60. And guess how many things I got? 10! Yes, 10 shower gels, now you tell me another place you can get that much loot for that price. I got all fruity scents, (because those are my favorite) and now I'm going to share with you my faves out of the haul...

Jason Natural is a brand I've heard of, and seen in local drugstores, but never actually tried. The scent, Apricot was calling my name, so I had to try it out. The Jason Natural Glowing Apricot  sells $10.76 for 30 fl ounces. That's a huge bottle of bath gel, it will last you quite a while. It's A gentle wash that cleanses with natural botanical surfactants and safely nourishes with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. Our natural blend of brightening Apricot Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil keeps your body soft, smooth and glowing with health. The texture is a bit thick, almost like a conditioner for your hair, but it gets the jobs done, leaving behind a nice apricot scent.

My absolute favorite product on the iherb site, (well that I've tried) is the Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash
 I didnt' include it in my haul, because I already have two bottles of this at home, but it's always been a must have for me. And iherb sells it for $13.82, a shocker because I paid $17.50 for mine at Target. If you haven't smelled Weleda, you are truly missing out on an amazing shower experience. It's a thick rich cream that smells of a strong sweet juicy pomegranate. The smell is so original, it's unlike any scent I have ever smelled before. Of course, this is created with all natural oils, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth. If you're going to purchase only one thing from iherb's bath and body selection, choose this.

Rounding out my favorites, the AnneMarie Borlind Strawberry Gel  captures the luscious scent of strawberries while cleansing your skin with all natural ingredients. For $11.46 this is free of preservatives, silicones and anything you can think of that isn't natural. This is a thinner formula that has a bit of a flowery scent underneath the strawberry. I used it as a bubble bath as well, and it really made the bathtub smell like a field full of fresh strawberries. At iHerb you are getting 24% off the purchase price, making this a major steal, like everything else I've already mentioned.

The bottle line? iherb is the best online store for all your natural beauty products. No longer will I be buying the expensive products at stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts, I'm really excited I found iHerb, I love finding discounted beauty products online. Especially ones that are healthy for you and won't harm your skin.

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