Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cashback websites

As the number of people shopping over the internet increases a new kind of portal is appearing, offering cash back on purchases made at linked online stores.
Cash back sites offer money back when you buy through them
One in every 10 retail purchases in the US is now made over the internet.
Cheaper prices, the ability to make quick comparisons and the convenience of online shopping means increasing numbers are being lured away from the high street.

When a customer makes a purchase online, instead of visiting the retailer directly, they may choose to follow a link from a cashback website to generate a monetary reward when buying products or services. The cashback website receives a commission from the retailer that, after the purchase is confirmed, is shared with the customer who made the purchase.
Payment is generally made to the user in the form of bank transfers, gift vouchers, online sites such as PayPal, or bank checks. Some cashback websites place a threshold on a customer's account such that a user may need to make several transactions in order to be able to receive a reward.
Many cashback sites offer users a reward for referring others to the site. Some cashback sites also offer discussion forums, paid online surveys, daily deals, and other rewards to increase traffic and maintain customer loyalty.
I get a monetary reward, when I do shopping at ASOS, 6pm, Gap, etc. I use Cashback websites and
Do you use Cashback sites? What sites use?

Good online shopping) Xoxo)


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