Monday, May 7, 2012

Reviva Labs, Vitamin K Cream

This special Vitamin K formula helps fade and clear bruises.
Recent research has proven that Vitamin K, in the proper formulation, can dramatically minimize the look of bruised or reddened skin.
Special formula helps fade and clear bruises; helps improve appearance of broken capillaries, spider veins, rosacea, and any reddened, irritated areas on the face.

No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Paraben free.

Reviva Labs, Vitamin K Cream $13.68

I bought this cream for bruising and scarring from shots and acne. If I hadn't tried it I never would have believed that this product works. I've used for two weeks -  think it does help the skin tone. Gradually removes  bruising and scarring,  improves complexion.  The dense texture, but is absorbed very well. Great for my oily-combination skin.
Perfect cream for the price! I am really satisfied :)


  1. thank u for commenting on my ur blog.will definitely try some of these products if i cn find them where i live.

  2. I'm just curious, though. Is this cream composed more of K2 form? I heard that there are three types of this vitamin - K1, K2, and K3. The latter, as they say, is more helpful to the body. I just don't know if that is true.