Saturday, May 19, 2012

Products of Burt's Bees

There are ingredients that you will never find in any Burt's Bees product. Things like petroleum, which is not a renewable resource and can be toxic. Sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a harsh, aggressive ingredient used in most cleansing products like shampoo. All products contain natural ingredients and a few of products contain ingredients derived from animals such as beeswax, royal jelly and milk.
Company never conduct product or ingredient tests of any kind on animals.

I got these at , here’s the direct link with $5 off, if you new costumer.  I believe  you can also find these at target.

Products that I have tried:

Burt's Bees, Beeswax Lip Balm

 I got it from iHerb and got hooked. This burt's bees lip balm, it moisturizes my lip really well. No cracks anymore. The highlight of this one is the peppermint oil that gives a strong ‘tingle’ when you apply it and the smell of peppermint.  The downfall for me is sometimes I get a bit sick of the smell.

I use this ointment on my lips, after shaving (bikini line), never had that result with other moisterizers and it smells great too. I love this ointment! :)

I love this product. For me this is the best hand moisturizer. My hands were really soft after it finally absorbed. I think this is best to be used at nighttime, especially in winterbecause it is pretty oily.  It takes a couple of minutes until the product absorbs into my skin, but it works really well once it does. It has a strong smell that reminds me a bit of herbal, medicinal stuff with a touch of eucalyptus, which I happen to like a lot.

I have oily-combination skin, but my skin sometimes feels dry especially in winter times. I use it on my eye and mouth area. The effects, are wonderful! Serum good moisturizing dry patches. The texture is a thin oil. It has a strong lavender smell that is cut by the other oils I think this is best to be used at fall and winter. I love it)

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  1. I'm a big fan of that res-Q-ointment, as well. It's helped me avoid scars, and it's great on bug bites and stings, not to mention skin cracks.

    I'm a long-time wearer of the lip shimmers, too-- they have nice medium sheer coverage of color, and a minty fresh taste.

    Peace, Mari

  2. i love the lip balm! so good to know the products are so natural aswell :)

  3. Ah... I rarely use lip balm, but often buy it. Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing btw. =)

  4. I've been using Burts Bees lip balm for so long now.

  5. fantastic suggestions! I'll try them!
    wonderful blog!
    ciao from Italy!!!

  6. nice. i saw these in john lewis yesterday and i really wanted to try them. they get such good reviews xx

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    I absolutely love Burts Bees!! Such a great product!
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  9. Love this type of product :)

  10. Nice :) Lve the burts bees products

  11. I keep seeing burts bees products and being very tempted to try some!

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  12. these are really great !

  13. Ik wil dit merk nog steeds een keer uitproberen!

  14. Love their products. (:

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  15. Great post!!

  16. I love burts bees ! Works so good =)

  17. great reviews, all of them!
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  18. I want to get some BB products as well, but they dont sell them here. Thanks for your visit and comment. I was on a trip, returning to commentors with some delay : ( Have a lovely week

  19. I love burts bees !

    Great post and great blog :D